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For medium-size business to multinational corporations, one constant is rapid and continuous change. With leading edge experience in instructional design, course development, coaching, and organizational development, SkillEdge can help you to adapt, modify, and accelerate performance.


Thomas Edgerton

With 20 years experience in the design and development of training, Thomas has developed programs for leading U.S. and multinational corporations. He is dedicated to helping people and organizations achieve and sustain peak performance, pioneering the blending of pedagogy, communication technologies, and performance systems to create new and innovative ways of learning and knowledge transfer. In the 1990s he helped lead the proliferation of online learning at Sun Microsystems and Cisco Systems, which revolutioned how companies train a 21st-century workforce. Today, his focus is on helping companies continuously improve by making people more effective on the job.


Rosendo Gonzalez

After graduating from Santa Clara University with an English degree, Rosendo Gonzalez pursued his interest in education and character development by co-founding the Shan-Yee Poon Ballet School in San Francisco. Using entrepreneurial skills and a passion for enlightened, structured education, with his partner he developed the school from 12 to 450+ students to become the second largest children´s dance education institution in San Francisco. During this time he developed a career in corporate Learning and Development, and subsequently completed a Masters in Education, with an emphasis in adult learning and instructional technology. He eventually sold his interest in the school and pursued a full-time Learning and Development corporate career. He is recognized for his work on eLearning and his broad range of skills in all learning modalities. As a Learning and Development consultant, his clients have included Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Mazda USA, Wells Fargo Bank, and AAA Insurance.