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"I recruited Thomas to serve on an advisory board for UC Berkeley Extension's Online division because he combined technical expertise with in-depth knowledge of instruction and he was fun, constructive and a great collaborator."
—Muriel Dance, Ph.D., former chair, UC Berkeley Extension Online

Does Your Training Measure Up?

To begin you need to know where you want to go.

Training Audits

Training audits not only identify training deficiencies but also plot a course for making training efficient, cost-effective, and, most important, aligned with your strategic business goals.

Business Coaching

If you seek the expertise of a Business Coach, we can help you manage change, develop leaders, and optimize productivity.

Instructional Design

Whether you seek the ultimate blended learning solution or the best you can do on the cheap, we can design and develop it.

Venture Capital Consulting

Venture capitalists often seek expert opinion on topics related to corporate training, learning management systems, SaaS providers, and the outsourcing of training products, services, and partners.