Thomas Edgerton: Consultant




Thomas Edgerton Testimonials


"I am a corporate consultant who specializes in helping companies sustain long term practices of continuous improvement."
—Thomas Edgerton
Corporate Training and Business Coach

"Tom translates learning technology into business results."
Spencer Clark III, Cadence Design Systems
Chief Learning Officer

I recruited Thomas to serve on an advisory board for UC Berkeley Extension's Online division because he combined technical expertise with in-depth knowledge of instruction and he was fun, constructive and a great collaborator.
Muriel Dance, Ph.D., former chair, UC Berkeley Extension Online

Tom's clarity of thought has helped us bring a very complex idea into focus -- from informational paralysis to strategic action.
Jeff Hausman, the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy

In our work together Tom consistently demonstrated a keen analytical mind, along with a strong customer service orientation.  He effectively combines his knowledge of the best practices in business with state-of-the-art approaches to learning to provide great value to clients.
Cory, Field Operations Director, TIBCO Software
(Formerly Group Director, Cadence University)

Tom combined state of the art skills with clear vision and consistent communication to help us finish projects on time and with no surprises.
Bruce Wood

Tom is dedicated to and passionate about the entire learning management process.
Cindy Schott, The Learning Resource

Thomas led our early efforts to bring learning to the Internet. He is ten years ahead in his thinking.
B Madhuchandra, Sun Microsystems Learning Technology R&D Engineer